SyncBack 2018 Free Download


SyncBack 2018 Free Download has established itself as world class in the specialty of backup and synchronization software. Whether you’re a novice or advanced user, in home or work, SyncBack ensures that your most valuable asset, data, stays protected.
The documents in your PC not only needs protecting but also needs to be taken care of with a backup of all. SyncBack Freeware 2018 makes easier for you to backup your files and folders into various areas of your PC like the same drive, another drive, FTP server and even as a ZIP file. This program also enables you to synchronize the data nicely.
Backup your documents that are saved on your PC easily and quicker with SyncBack Freeware.
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SyncBack 2018 Free Download Features

  • Restore – Recover your lost files easily.
  • Copy Open Files – Backup vital documents.
  • Versioning – Maintain other versions.
  • Incremental Backups – Does what’s required.
  • FTP and Email – Online access.
  • Performance & Throttling – As fast as could be.
  • Synchronize – Function with two or more computers.
  • Safe – Maintain confidential data private.
  • Compression – Maintain your files small.
  • Automation – Set it and forget it.
  • Advanced Customization – An extraordinary array of options.

SyncBack 2018 Free Download is a free program that will backup your data and synchronizes it into wherever media that you would like it synced, such as for exam[ple to another drive, FTP server, a Web, or a Zip archive file. It is safe and straightforward to use too.
SyncBack 2018 Free Download is the inexpensive utility with all essential features necessary for backup & synchronization. Ideal for home users, comprehensive help file, online articles and limited free support are contained.

SyncBack 2018 Free Download Link

Title: SyncBack 2018 Free Download
Filename: SyncBack_Setup.exe
File size: 23.20MB (24,322,336 bytes)
Requirements: Windows 
License: Freeware
Link: Download